Sunday, 22 September 2013

An Autumn Meditation

Stand with your eyes closed and take three gentle breaths in from the base of your spine - visualise the breath coming in from that point (this encourages you to breathe from a deeper place and really use your lung capacity which gets optimum oxygen into your blood stream - great news for your body!)

Visualise roots pushing down into the soil from your feet - each breath out they push further into the cool dark earth.
Gently breathe into your lower back
Visualise yourself as a tree - strong trunk lengthening to the sky
Gently breathe into your lower back
Arms as branches with long elegant fingers stretching to the sun
Gently breathe into your lower back
Visualise the leaves on your branches, fluttering gently in the breeze, beautiful shades of gold, brown, yellow, orange, green
Gently breathe into your lower back
Your roots are strong and grounded in the earth, your trunk is tall and lengthened to the sky, your branches are relaxed taking in the sounds and smells of the day

Now visualise your leaves dropping, one by one they gently float down onto the ground and  as each one falls you feel lighter, calmer, stronger.

Allow all your leaves to fall as you gently breath into your lower back

When they are all gone - just enjoy the feeling of being light and calm and refreshed

Then when you are ready gently notice your breath.... notice your feet...... notice your arms and your head.  Notice the space around you and gently open your eyes.


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