Monday, 20 May 2013

Babbling, Squeaking and Roaring....

It's amazing to watch my daughter making her first sounds... babbles, raspberry blowing, squeaking  shouting, roaring....... and indeed I realise just how cathartic and enjoyable it is to repeat them after her!  And so this makes me think about why I don't use this sort of communication and release in my adult life.

The amount of things we don't say... what we don't release....  How we are conditioned to keep our mouths shut and not get overly emotional about things.  "Hold your tongue", "swallow it", "speechless with rage" and so on.

I realise that over dramatising one's life is not a productive or useful thing to do but there needs to be a point of release where we are able to express ourselves freely and explore what comes up.  So I started looking into Sound Healing and the importance of sound in our lives..... oh my, let me tell you there is so much information and amazing facts about it all - I think I'm the only one who's been considering this stuff and then I find that there are millions of people who are on that path too... it's great.

So what is the point of this little blog today? - I just wanted to remind you all to let go... enjoy a good ROAR if you need one.... Blow raspberries at your inhibitions and shriek at your 'must do list'!

Life is far too short to miss out on the smiles and happiness - find the joy inside and ROAR it out!

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